A client working with me benefits from my experience in writing, editing, document design, content development and coaching. Some of the documents in my repertoire are white papers, communications, reports, user assistance documents, proposals, community outreach and creative prose.

Technical Writing + Editing

  • Identify and understand audience.
  • Translate complex information and industry-specific terms into audience-appropriate language. 
  • Copyedit and proofread for clarity, concision, voice, accuracy and adherence to style guide.

Document Design

  • Create the right documents for their use, such as postcards announcing upcoming events, comprehensive reports to keep stakeholders informed, and instructions guiding users through a complicated process.
  • Use consistent branding and design, and apply new brand strategy.

Content Development

  • Identify information necessary for the success of the document in fulfilling its purpose.
  • Determine the best way to present the information: text, chart, table or other image.

Selected Projects 

  • Provided content editing, copyediting, coaching, and plot and character analysis of creative prose, including novel and memoir.
  • Redefined a company brand and developed brand strategy, including getting stakeholder buy-in, leading a graphic design team in creating new print and web documents, and developing a new style guide.
  • Wrote biography and personal statements for artists and professionals.
  • Edited for clarity and concision in legal documents, such as a motion to compel discovery and a summary judgment.