I teach clients strategies to better communicate in the work place and other contexts of their careers. I help them hone their written communication skills so that they spend less time on the writing process and more efficiently and effectively articulate their messages. My clients improve their skills with:

  • Interoffice communications including email, memoranda, and proposal writing
  • Concise writing
  • Clearly communicating next actions and expectations
  • Writing newsletters
  • Official correspondance
  • Instructions
  • Thought organization and planning
  • Résumé writing 


I offer both one-on-one and small group sessions for students in high school, college and graduate school. As we work together, students gain skills and strategies that complement their learning styles and can be applied throughout their academic careers. I guide students through the entire writing process, from idea conception to final proofread. My students learn to:

  • Face down the blank page
  • Develop claims and thesis statements by identifying literary devices and collecting evidence
  • Read actively for deeper comprehension
  • Use pre-writing tools to organize their thoughts and argument
  • Untangle complex prose
  • Edit and proofread their own work
  • Use strategies for fixing cumbersome writing and disorganization