Hello! I am an experienced coach, tutor, reader, writer and editor who can guide you through any part of the writing process from active reading for deep comprehension through final touches of word choice and proofreading. My specialties and loves include academic essays, creative writing, comparative literature and technical writing (diagramming sentences is fun). Most of all, I love seeing my students and clients succeed.

My Background

I have studied literature and comparative literature, creative writing, and editing extensively and have over 15 cumulative years of experience in tutoring, coaching and teaching. I started as a peer tutor, coaching my classmates through short stories and essays in college, lo these many years ago. As a TA in graduate school, my students often sought me out during office hours for one-on-one assistance, which I relished. My teaching experience also includes community courses in language and literature, foreign language for young kids, and standardized- and AP-test prep, all with excellent results. I have a BA and MA (ABT) in literature and a certificate in technical writing and editing – all from the University of Washington.